ARP studs, Tall spindle updates, 1LE bearing STD hub update

Okay, you know time is tight when I make a post with three different topic`s ! I`d like to thank all of my 2017 customers for a great year and I look forward to all the 2018 customers, lets have a great year everybody! So, this is a post that should start with “Dear Customer, due to…” But thats a pass the buck lead in IMO. ARP wheel studs have gone thru the roof in price as of this January at some large performance parts re-sellers, Why? no idea. None of my sources know exactly the reason either but the fact is that a 5 pack of studs that normally retail for 14.99 have more than doubled at one retailer, while at another they have more than quadrupled! That`s right 72.99 for a 5 pack of 100-7704 at one four letter retailer (hint: starts with “J”) I find it hard to believe that this price increase is not a mistake but meanwhile I`m left with no options for customers who demand ARP wheel studs. Other options do exist and I will be exploring them with some of the offerings. Once my limited stock of ARP studs run out I`ll be […]

Check with us for product and ordering times !

Normal processing / shipping times for orders have been increased.  With family I have been able to keep a schedule that allowed me to work a regular job of 40+ hrs a week for a small community near my home and run Bigbrakeupgrade in all respects including customer relations, product sales, manufacturing , development, shipping etc.     Due to complications from a hospital stay, my wife has had life changing events happen that will require much more of my limited time.  She will need years to recover and overcome from what has happened.    I will continue offering brake upgrades and related products but these will take me longer to produce then previously.   While I work out a plan to allow my work to continue while caring for my wife`s needs I would ask that you email me for an estimated completion time before ordering, this will allow me to balance my work load and to continue offering my products.  Thank you for your patience and as always, if you have questions, please just let me know    

Z07 Carbon Ceramic Swap for A body

2016 C7 Z07 Corvette carbon ceramic disc swap in progress 3/25/17 A customer approached us asking if we had a bracket to mount his C7 Carbon Ceramic Z07 brakes to his 70 Chevelle build for the front and rear, our answer?  Of course !  Who would not want to be part of one of the very first C7 Carbon Ceramic disc swaps onto something other than what they were intended for right?  We were happy to answer the call.  He even was kind enough to send us a few photos of the fitment form the front swap already!  We will continue to update the post as his Z07 swap progresses.

GM SEMA Chevelle supplied the brake conversion components for the 2016 “Slammer Chevelle” When Rich Downing contacted us for help with the Chevelle we were honored to help. The timing was perfect as we had just finalized our front short spindle AFX brackets for the brembo calipers. The Chevelle had belonged to GM since new and was used as recently as 2008 to test crate engines GM Performance parts offered, article here. The Slammer Chevelle was going to use Ridetech`s Air ride system with the Tru turn spindles which have a 2 inch drop but offer a taller upper ball joint mount to improve handling. The 12 bolt rear end was already in production with Drive train specialties and the Chevelle was designed to run 18 inch front wheels and 20 inch rears which were perfect for the C7 Z06 brakes that Rich wanted to use. The Chevelle was treated to our short spindle bracket kit and forged aluminum hubs with extra length ARP wheel Studs. The rear 12 bolt was treated to our modular rear conversion brackets for the early 10/12 bolt rear axles. Rich wanted to keep a parking brake so our CNC billet aluminum spacers were also employed. GM […]

Billet Hub Project

Building brake kits since 2004, mostly for the 1982-92 F bodies, I have ran across probably hundreds of rotors that were to be hubs but just did not make the cut.  Yes, defecting rotor candidates seemed like a daily ritual.   Now and again I would stumble onto a good pallet of perfectly machined problem free rotors, rare but nice when it happens.  As you can imagine I stand in front of the lathe quite a bit.   Many times because the process became so mechanical and robotic I found my self thinking of why do I not have my own hubs?  it would end the time I stand here and I could put out a product with all the attributes that would compliment the kits I produce.   Opportunity presents itself rarely,  when it does however you need to take advantage of it.   Luckily I happened to run across an engineer looking to make some parts with his new CNC machine,  saving grace is he can design as well!   SO begins the journey. Many nights and several scrapped parts started to reveal how steep of a learning curve this was going to be.  Tooling the machine, finding the […]