C7 Z51 Complete Kit


A complete 13.6-rotor 4 piston C7 Z51 brake kit


The 2014 + Z51 Brakes are a step up from the base JL9 brakes with a 1-inch larger rotor.  The 13.6-inch (345mm) rotors have huge 4 piston calipers to make use of the larger amount of swept area.   They have 6 percent more swept area than the previous C6- Z06 / grand sport brakes.  Testing shows the stopping distance is improved 5 percent over the C6 Z06 brakes.  Accomplished with a rotor that is a half inch smaller and a caliper with two less pistons per side.  To adapt the Z51 brakes to the 3rd F-Body gen spindle a one time caliper modification is required.  This involves clearing some material on the back of the caliper to allow the bracket to fit the caliper and spindle.  The material is removed on our horizontal mill for a clean finish.

  • Completely assembled for ease of installation
  • New C7 Z51 calipers w/ ceramic pads
  • Drilled and slotted rotors
  • Earl`s stainless brake hoses
  • 18″ wheels recommended


  • Conversion kits containing spindles have a $100.00 core deposit added into the purchase price for the spindles. This deposit is refunded once you send back your original spindles.

*Contact us for special pricing with low mileage take-off calipers*


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