1LE Bearing Upgrade (for std hubs)


Upgrade your STD hub (set 34, set 6) to 1LE bearings (set3, set6) with this option.


Upgrade your STD hub to 1LE bearings with this option.  Both the Std and Performance brakes from the 1982-92 F body used the same Set6 inboard bearings.   The coveted 89-92 1LE utilized a larger out board bearing than the Std brake equipped F-bodies Set3 vs the std Set34.  Now you can have the better, bigger out board bearing in your Std hub.  This machining process is carried out on a precision lathe to open and deepen the out board bearing bore to accept the larger bearing race.  Please allow extra time for shipping as this operation is done when ordered and can add a day or two to your order.  *Click on the above photo for a comparison of the size difference* and compare below the std bearing to the upgrade bearing .   Bigger is better!

  • Use this option when ordering hubs or hub and bracket kits only since we cannot ship a service!



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