Check with us for product and ordering times !

Normal processing / shipping times for orders will have to be increased.  With family I have been able to keep a schedule that allowed me to work a regular job of 40+ hrs a week for a small community near my home and run Bigbrakeupgrade in all respects including customer relations, product sales, manufacturing , development, shipping etc.    For the foreseeable future a new reality has begun.  Due to complications from a hospital stay, my wife has had life changing events happen that will require much, much more of my limited time.  She will need years to recover and overcome from what has happened.    I do plan to continue offering brake upgrades and related products but these will take me much longer to produce then previously.   While I figure out a plan to allow my work to continue while caring for my wife`s needs I would ask that you email me for an estimated completion time before ordering, this will allow me to balance my work load and to continue offering my products.  Thank you for your patience and as always, if you have questions, please just let me know



2 thoughts on “Check with us for product and ordering times !

  1. Pete- I have returned your emails every time with no reply back from you, I even have emailed you from another address with no luck. Check your junk folder maybe? I will try to contact you once again with another email account.

  2. big emailing you many times but no respond you say to call before ordering but no phone number to reach you I have a 1992 Camaro I got front brembo calipers of a 2014 Camaro ss and I have 13″ rotors I believe are c4 or c5 I need the hubs. mounting brackets and I guess spindles I think why I wanted to talk to you about it and get cost and deliver time I could even ship you my spindles with the order and that way wouldn’t have to pay core charge but want to make sure I get all the right bolt on stuff please leave a number I can reach you to discuse this

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