Your Source for the F Body Brake Upgrades!


The 1982-1992 Third Generation Camaros and Firebirds are known for their lack of braking ability. Now you can fix this factory flaw by upgrading your brakes using one of our specially designed upgrades.

Our Brake Packages:

Increase your braking performance! Update your car to today`s standards. Experience a safer and better braking performance all for a price considerably lower than most aftermarket kits. Factory type conversions, unlike other custom manufactured kits, offer replacement parts for "consumables" (pads, rotors, bearings, seals) that are not special order, but in fact are parts that can be obtained at any auto parts store. Our kits provide the following benefits over the stock 10.5 single piston braking system:

Larger rotors (12" to 14.5")
More brake pad surface area
Multiple piston calipers ( 2 to 6 piston )
Pre-assembly of full and partial kits-installation time is minimized
Slip-on rotors eliminates the need to remove wheel bearings with a rotor change.
Customizable features include: Powder coating, zinc washed rotors, slot/drill/dimple, Stainless flex hoses, one man bleeders, etc.
Our offering include the following brake systems grafted to the 82-92 F-Body spindles
98-02 F-Body LS1 brakes (for 16" wheels)
97-04 Corvette C5 brakes (for 17" wheels)
05-13 Corvette C6 brakes (for 17" (base brakes) and 18" Z51 & Z06 wheels)
14-15 Corvette C7 brakes ( for 16", 17", 18",19" wheels)
04-14 Cts-v Cadillac brakes (for 18"/19"wheels)
10-14 5th Gen Camaro SS brakes (for 18"/19" wheels)

Choose from completed full conversions, partial conversions ( you provide your own calipers and rotors) or just purchase the conversion brackets and wheel hubs to convert your own spindles and build a conversion with your own selected parts!

                                  Made In The USA