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The 1982-1992 Third Generation Camaros and Firebirds are known for their lack of braking ability. Now you can fix this engineering flaw by upgrading your brakes using one of our specially designed upgrades.

Select from our 4th Generation LS1 Brakes 12" (16"wheels), our C5 Corvette Brakes 12.8" (17" wheels) or our C6 Covervette Brakes 13.4" (18"wheels).


5th Generation Camaro SS Brakes 14" rotors, 4 piston caliper upgrade and the CTS-V Cadillac 14" rotor, 4 piston caliper upgrade. (more info here)

ALL of our custom brake kits provide more performance than even the once coveted 1LE performance option brakes on 89-92 Camaros.


Our Brake Packages

Increases your braking performance and let's you experience a better all around braking "feel" all for a price considerably lower than most aftermarket kits. Unlike other custom manufactured kits, replacement parts for "consumables" (pads, rotors, bearings, seals) are not special order, but are parts that can be obtained at any auto parts store. Our kits provide the following benefits over the stock braking system:

Dual Piston, 4 Piston and 6 Pistion PBR and Brembo Calipers - Increases clamping force. Lighter weight than stock calipers.

Uses Larger or Multiple Brake Pads - Increases braking surfaces by an estimated 30%. Select from many different pad materials available at your corner parts store.

12" 12.80" 13.40" 14.0" "Slip On" Rotors - Larger diameters means more leverage, more friction surface and better heat dissipation with larger vents that advance the airflow thru the rotor.

Custom Hubs w/ Longer Wheel Studs - Eliminates the need to remove and repack wheel bearings when changing rotors.

Modified Spindles w/ Custom Caliper Brackets - Engineered to mount 98-02 LS1, 97-present Corvette, 2010-Present Camaro and 2005 and up CTS-V Cadillac.

Pre-Assembled and Ready to Bolt On - No hassle installation! Pre-assembled so that your installation time is minimized!

Optional Powder-coated Calipers - Enhances the already "custom" look of your Big Brake system. Easier to keep clean.

Optional Custom Earls Braided Stainless Brake Lines - Custom made with the correct ends for your application. Front and Rear sets can be ordered through our website.

Optional Slotted / Cross Drilled Rotors from Brakemotive - Reduce brake over-heating and fade and increase esthitics.

                                  Made In The USA