Rear brembo brake conversions

Here is some info for specific rear brake conversions, the ins and outs for each.  At this time we only use the 2010-15 Camaro SS backing plates for our rear conversions, these plates work with all the brembo brake conversions we offer parts for.  These 5th gen rear plates can be configured for leading or trailing caliper positions with a few simple modifications

Ctsv 2004-2015

Camaro SS 2010- present  Camaro ZL1 2012-15

Corvette 2014+ all brake systems

2010 through 2015 camaro ss rear brakes.pdf

To modify your backing plates to use on a park brake conversion you can cut out the center portion to allow access to the flange bolts when the units are assembled. If you do not wish to do this cutting you will only need to drill the 3/8 holes at 9 and 3 o`clock for 10-12 bolt applications, if you have a pressed bearing you will need to cut the backing plate center, below are the steps for doing this

Brembo Backing plate mods 10&12 bolt.pdf

Can I use 2004-2007 cts-v rear calipers with my conversion?


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