Dictionary…terms we use and their meanings

5Th Gen = Camaro 2010-2015

6Th Gen = Camaro 2016-Present

Camaro SS =  Gen V or Gen VI Camaro brakes

CTS-V1  = 2004-2007 Cadillac cts-v brakes

CTS-V2  = 2009-2015 Cadillac cts-v brakes

ZL-1  = 2012 to 2015 Camaro SS w/ the upgraded 6 piston brakes / two piece rotors

Partial kit = spindles, hubs and brackets assembled ( you add the rest i.e calipers, rotors,. Pads etc)

FSL = Forged Superlite , a caliper Willwood brakes produces that we use on a C4 HD rotor

LS1 = brakes from the 1998-2002 F body, Camaro and firebird

C5 = 1997-2004 Corvette brakes

C6 = 2005-2013 Corvette brakes

C7 = 2014 to current Corvette brakes

JL9 = Base Corvette brakes (smallest)

Z51 = Mid level Corvette brakes (larger rotors / calipers than JL9)

Z06 = Largest Corvette brakes we offer ( 6 piston / 14”+ rotors)

Tall Spindle =  Most mid sized cars from GM used this spindle from 1970-1996

Short Spindle = Most 1964-1972 small to mid sized cars used this spindle

Mustang II =  A popular front end suspension / spindle derived from the early mustang II`s and Mercury Bob cats along with a few others

XTS = Cadillac Brembo brakes similar to C7 Z51

ATS = Cadillac Brembo brakes similar to C7 JL9

 C4HD = 4th Gen Corvette Heavy Duty brakes (1984-96)

Complete kit =  A fully assembled kit ready for installation, most require your own or our custom brake hoses.

Conversion hubs  = The heart of any brake upgrade, generally the stock rotor milled down to accept a floating rotor

Conversion bracket = flat steel brackets that allow the use of non stock calipers on your spindles.

Bracket clearancing = this is machining required to the caliper so the conversion bracket can fit both the caliper and the spindle.

Rotor hole enlargement = late model brakes use a smaller pilot hole on the rotors, so to utilize them we need to expand this hole precisely to fit the hub

Business day  =  Mon thru Fri excluding  vacations,holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings ,funerals,graduations and other important days we cannot miss in our life.

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