Step bore for 3.155 Axle Bearing and Seal



This service is for having a stepped bore put into your conversion bracket.  Ford type bearings and seals in stock and aftermarket rears protrude from the housing end 1/8 of an inch.  This service will make your rear conversion easy allowing you to use the brake plate as the retainer as well.   This option is only currently available for the  10/12 early bolt pattern and the late model 10 bolt pattern.  We plan to release this option for the New style Ford end and Big bearing Ford ends in the near future.   Please allow an added 4-5 working days for this service to be machined into your order.   You must order brackets separately to have this service completed.  We cannot ship a service so please order brackets when you choose this option.

  • Early 10 or 12 bolt pattern  OR Late model 10 bolt using the 3.155 bearing applications only at this time.


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