Mustang II Conversion brackets

laser cut brackets for the mustang II spindles



The laser cut brackets for the mustang II spindles will support all factory GM Brembo type conversions and also the 1998-02 camaro LS1 brakes.  These brackets can be used with stock or aftermarket spindles.  The installation requires welding the upper mounting stud to the bracket once the assembly is final.  We have used our std 5×4.75 hub with this conversion that is popular with brake swaps on this spindle from many other suppliers.   CTS-V, Camaro Gen V, VI, ZL1, C7 corvette Brakes, ATS, XTS Cadillac also can all be used with this bracket.  Some conversions will require rotor pilot hole enlargement.  Rotor sizes 11.8. 12.6,13.6, 14.0 and 14.6 and calipers from 2 piston, 4 piston and 6 piston.  Large wheels with offset spokes for Brembo calipers required.  Rear conversions are also available for many popular axles.


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