GenV Camaro Base Brakes W/O Parking Brake Conversion Kit



2010-2015  Camaro 1LT (V6) rear brakes.


12.4″ Rear Disc Conversion


Now available to match your Brembo c7 front conversion or your C5, C6 or even your LS1 conversion. Rear conversion brackets with or without parking brake to adapt the 2010-2015  Camaro 1LT (V6) rear brakes.  These new modular brackets offer a great deal of flexibility.  Inherent in the design is the ability to just use the base bracket to convert your rear to the single piston Mano brakes with relative ease without adding the extra expense of the parking brake equipment if not needed. However, if the need arises the park brake adapter and components can simply be added to the same bracket at a later date or for that matter, all at once from the start or as the budget allows.

The single piston floating caliper is a perfect option for a c-clip axle that has some end play. The 12.4 rotor and single piston caliper are a great replacement for the now discontinued LS1 rear brakes or a good match for a C5 or C6 front conversion. The option of converting to the C7 JL9 or J55 4 piston brakes with a simple rotor and caliper swap make this conversion an easy choice with a future upgrade path built right in.


What`s included?

  • Stock replacement calipers
  • Ceramic pads
  • Stock replacement rotors w/ 2.786 pilot
  • Modular Conversion brackets for your axle powder coated black

What`s this fit?

  • 7.5 10 bolt
  • 7.625 9 bolt
  • early 10/12 bolt
  • ford 9 inch torino/big ford ends
  • 17 inch wheels min.

Optional equipment

  • stainless flex hoses



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