9 inch Ford Brembo conversion w/ parking brake 2.50 offset Torino new style ends


Rear 9 inch Ford conversion brackets with completed parking brake units

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Available to match your Brembo front brake conversion.   Our modular brackets are coupled together with low mileage take off backing plates that have been modified to work with the conversion brackets.  All assembled for your ease of installation these units are provided with a cable mount that put the hook or actuator 3 inches from the mount.  The units can be set up a variety of different way to accommodate almost any application, leading caliper or trailing caliper, front pull or rear pull park actuation and because the flange pattern is symmetrical on the ford Torino housing end the hook or actuator can be ran above or below the axle allowing for a multitude of different mounting options.  Most applications will require a custom park cable but 3rd gen and 4th gen F body cars can use specific stock cables with this conversion.  Works with sealed bearing or cone bearing set-ups and comes with caliper mounting hardware.  For those building a rearend from scratch an access hole in axle shaft flange makes these an easy bolt on for the new style housing end with 3/8 mounting bolts.  Contact us with any questions you may have.

What`s included?

  • Base Brackets with mounting hardware
  • Billet backing plate spacers
  • Billet CNC park cable mount spacers
  • Oem cable mounts
  • Bearing retainers
  • low mileage take off backing plates
  • powder coated black

What brakes will work with this?

  • 2009-15 CTS-V ( or 2004-07 calipers w/ modification)
  • 2010-15 Camaro 1LT,2LT,  SS & ZL-1
  • 2016-current Camaro 1LT, 2LT, SS, 1LE, ZL1  w/ rotor center opened or optional C7 rotors
  • 2014-current C7 Corvette JL9, J55, J56 & Z07




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