1964-72 AFX Ridetech Tru Turn w/ Billet hub assemblies


Our best AFX spindle assemblies

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Utilizing the best drop spindle available today and pairing it with our own true performance billet hub you can have the latest Brembo factory offerings on your car today.   These assemblies feature the following:

  • RideTech forged spindles lower the front of your car 2″ while raising upper ball joints by 1.75″ to improve Camber Gain — which keeps tires level during cornering.
  • Billet Conversion hubs CNC Lathed from T-6061 Aluminum alloy feature, improved strength w/ light weight, larger outboard bearing, lengthened rotor register, ARP 1/2 studs.
  • Powder coated laser cut conversion brackets that use GenV, GenVI Camaro, ZL-1, C7 JL9, Z51, Z06 & CTS-V2 brakes.
  • Assembled (bearings packed and pre-loaded) ready for your rotor and caliper.



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