Frequently Asked Questions


5Th Gen = Camaro 2010-2015

6Th Gen = Camaro 2016-Present

Camaro SS =  Gen V or Gen VI Camaro brakes

CTS-V1  = 2004-2007 Cadillac cts-v brakes

CTS-V2  = 2009-2015 Cadillac cts-v brakes

ZL-1  = 2012 to 2015 Camaro SS w/ the upgraded 6 piston brakes / two piece rotors

Partial kit = spindles, hubs and brackets assembled ( you add the rest i.e calipers, rotors,. Pads etc)

FSL = Forged Superlite , a caliper Willwood brakes produces that we use on a C4 HD rotor

LS1 = brakes from the 1998-2002 F body, Camaro and firebird

C5 = 1997-2004 Corvette brakes

C6 = 2005-2013 Corvette brakes

C7 = 2014 to current Corvette brakes

JL9 = Base Corvette brakes (smallest)

Z51 = Mid level Corvette brakes (larger rotors / calipers than JL9)

Z06 = Largest Corvette brakes we offer ( 6 piston / 14”+ rotors)

Tall Spindle =  Most mid sized cars from GM used this spindle from 1970-1996

Short Spindle = Most 1964-1972 small to mid sized cars used this spindle

Mustang II =  A popular front end suspension / spindle derived from the early mustang II`s and Mercury Bob cats along with a few others

XTS = Cadillac Brembo brakes similar to C7 Z51

ATS = Cadillac Brembo brakes similar to C7 JL9

 C4HD = 4th Gen Corvette Heavy Duty brakes (1984-96)

Complete kit =  A fully assembled kit ready for installation, most require your own or our custom brake hoses.

Conversion hubs  = The heart of any brake upgrade, generally the stock rotor milled down to accept a floating rotor

Conversion bracket = flat steel brackets that allow the use of non stock calipers on your spindles.

Bracket clearancing = this is machining required to the caliper so the conversion bracket can fit both the caliper and the spindle.

Rotor hole enlargement = late model brakes use a smaller pilot hole on the rotors, so to utilize them we need to expand this hole precisely to fit the hub

Business day  =  Mon thru Fri excluding  vacations,holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings ,funerals,graduations and other important days we cannot miss in our life.

1964-72 Short spindle brake conversions

Located here is some info for the specific brake conversions to your short spindle car A, F & X bodies

1964-1972 Gm A Body (Chevelle,El Camino, Malibu, GTO, Lemans, 442, Cutlass, GS, Skylark)
1967-1969 Gm F Body (Camaro, Firebird)
1968-1974 Gm X Body ( Nova, Apollo, Omega, Ventura)

View the PDF`s related to the conversion you wish to perform, ask us any questions not answered in these and we will be happy to help.

2004 thru 07 Ctsv FAQ short spindle.pdf

2009 thru 15 Ctsv FAQ short spindle.pdf

2010-15 Camaro SS Short spindle FAQ.pdf

2014 to present C7 Corvette FAQ Short spindle.pdf

2016 + camaro SS FAQ.pdf

*for 5th gen ZL1 conversion use the 2010-15 camaro ss faq.*

Rear brembo brake conversions

Here is some info for specific rear brake conversions, the ins and outs for each.  At this time we only use the 2010-15 Camaro SS backing plates for our rear conversions, these plates work with all the brembo brake conversions we offer parts for.  These 5th gen rear plates can be configured for leading or trailing caliper positions with a few simple modifications

Ctsv 2004-2015

Camaro SS 2010- present  Camaro ZL1 2012-15

Corvette 2014+ all brake systems

2010 through 2015 camaro ss rear brakes.pdf

To modify your backing plates to use on a park brake conversion you can cut out the center portion to allow access to the flange bolts when the units are assembled. If you do not wish to do this cutting you will only need to drill the 3/8 holes at 9 and 3 o`clock for 10-12 bolt applications, if you have a pressed bearing you will need to cut the backing plate center, below are the steps for doing this

Brembo Backing plate mods 10&12 bolt.pdf

Can I use 2004-2007 cts-v rear calipers with my conversion?


Tracking- The email you used to purchase with is entered when creating your shipping label, tracking notifications are sent from the carrier. We use Fedex Ground and Home delivery and the Priority USPS service exclusively.

We build or machine when ordered, so in business days on average

Full kits =   7-10  business days

Partials =  5-7   business days

Hubs and or brackets =  2-5 business days

All other stuff = Longer

Just ask us if you`re unsure how long your order will take, it`s easy.

We use a simple per product shipping rate, if your order contains multiple products and shipping is stacking up, ask us to quote by your zip code !  Simple.

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