C5 C6 Rear conversion brackets

While I could have just added to the original post I started about a year ago I thought I would bring this to the top.   A lot late to the party but a bracket for the C5/C6 rear brakes has finally been completed-  for 9 bolt lovers only at this time however.   After some trial and error and some help from a very invested customer (Thank you Tim M. !!) our efforts have produced a viable bracket for the 9 bolt that will mount all the C5 and C6 brake configurations with or without a parking brake.   Check here for the original post about these brackets from theory, prototype to product development.   Thanks to Tim, some install / mock up pic`s. Here you can see just how close everything must fit The tab for the abs pigtail (can be removed) behind that again very close quarters with the mount for the parking brake cable A c6 Z51 installation calipers can be mounted fore or aft naturally keeping the weight closer to center is better   While its always exciting to have a new product, the glimmer isn’t as bright when you bring out a bracket for brakes that are already […]

The 2018 SEMA show is upon us !

Once again this year we were graced with the opportunity to help out in the brake department of a GM  S.E.M.A  build.   An invitation only event the (Specialty Equipment Manufactures Association) is a show held in Vegas late in the year with all the latest aftermarket parts for modifying vehicles for performance.   Richard Downing- GM`s special vehicle project manager contacted us from the power tour this year wanting to showcase the GM Performance parts 6th Gen Camaro upgrade brakes on a 1973 Chevelle…we jumped at the chance. Using our standard tall spindle conversion we tweaked it to work with the 6th gen`s deeper offset rotors, allowing the off the shelf parts to be used on the Chevelle.  These brakes will go too good use since they decided to plant the all new ZR1 LT5 755HP engine between the front tires!   Picture album here!  GM SEMA LUGUNA     A few pic`s from the album  

One of our new suppliers..

Let me into the back of the shop for a run of brackets I ordered last minute… While I’m not exactly a new customer to this shop we have slowly been moving our laser cutting to them exclusively.  Our late Friday afternoon trip to pick up some parts went better than I expected, once we had loaded up the order our laser operator asked, “is there anything else you need?” As always something is usually low or about out of stock.  So, I jested with yes, yes there is.  We went back to the office to pull up a drawing for cutting, verified the steel and qty of parts and sent it to the 1+ million-dollar Mitsubishi laser table.  Within minutes we had the added parts we needed with virtually no wait, at 5:30 pm on a Friday afternoon no less!  Big points in my playbook.  Here’s a video I shot to give you guys and gals an idea of what this is all about.  

Supply Chain o-o-o-o-o-o-

First off, let me thank you for taking the time out of your day to click on the post here to view. You may be checking to see why your much needed part is not in stock or why I would make a post/rant about out of stock items…or you could just be curious what the title of the post is about. Well, let me say a few things about supply chain. You would think its pretty simple right? Pick up a phone make a call and wait for the order, fill the shelves…simple. It should be and thats the frustration and reason for the post. I get it- trust me. “there’s wait times, you weren’t the first guy to walk in the door today.” Not something I`d ever say to one of my customers… How about this one… “Hi I`m calling about that order I placed 6 weeks ago?” Not something I`ve ever had to respond too or read in any email of mine… Here`s a normal I hear…”I`ll have it by Friday” On Friday when I call or stop in “Oh..he left early I don`t have any idea where your order is” Sometimes I take the vendors word […]

Pad knock back

I get this question occasionally from potential customers and I offer my own experience to them (possibly to dis belief) but its an honest reply, its not an issue.  Years of past customers with mono block converted c-clip axles, you would think at least one would have said by this point..Hey! I got pad knock back, what gives?  But no, its not happened…I always advise to check your axle end play if its c-clip and be reasonable, if its wasted- yes, your going to be asking for problems, replace the carrier or axles whatever is worn or weld on housing ends for pressed on bearings.  I ran across this article from Paul from Hydratech brake systems and I had to share it here since it reflects all of the same things I have preached for years. enjoy Paul M. Clark says..   Chevrolet solved pad knockback issues WAY back in 1965 with the introduction of disc brakes on the C2 Vette’s, yet everybody has either forgotten about it, died, or doesn’t know this. Flash forward all the way to 2018 (!) and we’re still talking about it like it’s one of modern man’s most mysterious mystery – go figure that […]

need inspiration?

Check out some of our past customers rides in all sort of build states..I`ve recently added several images so give a look if you have time! (heavy scrolling required!) Link below CUSTOMER`S CARS  

C5 & C6 Rear Conversions and the 9 Bolt

Ive never really supported the C5 or C6 rear brakes in the past. The offset challenge makes creating the bracket a nightmare. You either end up with a dual side milled bracket which I did make a few times or a bracket so thin it would not even be close to safe.   So recently its been kind of a thorn in my side, guys ask… I say I don`t have it. Competition for this bracket, not much.   So Ive been looking at designing a new bracket for a while and like my Ford SS bracket which is two parts to meet that low offset requirement, this one will follow the same path.    A modular design that will allow the use of the factory C5 or C6 backing plate.   It will be equipped with a cable mount for the park cables and allow the use of Base or Z51 or Z06 rears with or without a park brake. While I test the set up and finalize my design for release please let me know if your interested. The either loved or hated 9 bolt axle, this is where the need really becomes prevalent, not too many ways to convert these rears […]

New products G-Body / S-10

New products- I always try to have something fresh for each and every year, even if its just a new take on an old conversion. A double edged sword sometimes they are, while I get the excitement of having the latest or greatest to offer it also brings on more work which means more time! Well although there are a lot of new brakes out to work with some of them are just so not cost effective yet. The 16`-17` CTS-V brakes-(390mm/6 piston frts & 355mm 4 piston rears) they are not too far out of reach for a good conversion with the 4 calipers in the 1,800 range new and the two piece rotors around 400 each but by the time you fork out the cash for the calipers and rotors and 19 inch wheels and tires well,.. the cost of two alone combined out weight the cost of some of our beloved cars retail price. Alas those are not for the funding challenged crowd but there are a lot of “older” big brake parts that are coming down in price. Take for instance the camero ss calipers, yes, thats right camero…check Ebay for camero parts or even your […]

6th Gen Camaro conversions

Today I recognized an oversight/mistake in these brakes, or at least the conversion information I`m offering.   My apologies for anyone who has ran across this.   The 16+ Camaro uses a deeper offset on the front brakes than I had measured either by error or negligence or using the wrong parts… its a a good 10MM difference, thus this conversion must use the the Z51 C7 rotors only which have the shallower 2.010 height versus the 2.400 of the Camaro.    Now here are some of the reasons I think this got by me: The 16+ rear rotors have the same offset as the old gen V (2010-2015), and the same offset as the C7`s rears @ 1.890, so no change to the rears! why change the fronts? Bosch brand is the rotor I used to mock this kit up in the beginning.  It has the 120mm pattern, 345mm dia/13.6 inch dia 65mm center hole which I expanded on the lathe to mock it up with and here is the best part- a 2.011 offset.. Yes it all lined up and this kit was set to jet. Bosch part # 25011428 Now I don`t see this being a fluke but I […]

ARP studs, Tall spindle updates, 1LE bearing STD hub update

Okay, you know time is tight when I make a post with three different topic`s ! I`d like to thank all of my 2017 customers for a great year and I look forward to all the 2018 customers, lets have a great year everybody! So, this is a post that should start with “Dear Customer, due to…” But thats a pass the buck lead in IMO. ARP wheel studs have gone thru the roof in price as of this January at some large performance parts re-sellers, Why? no idea. None of my sources know exactly the reason either but the fact is that a 5 pack of studs that normally retail for 14.99 have more than doubled at one retailer, while at another they have more than quadrupled! That`s right 72.99 for a 5 pack of 100-7704 at one four letter retailer (hint: starts with “J”) I find it hard to believe that this price increase is not a mistake but meanwhile I`m left with no options for customers who demand ARP wheel studs. Other options do exist and I will be exploring them with some of the offerings. Once my limited stock of ARP studs run out I`ll be […]