BILLET HUBS !!! available

Finally the time has come, our own home brewed hubs will be in stock within days.   Years ago standing at the lathe milling another set of cast iron hubs I though why not start a upgrade for the upgrade? I jotted down what I wanted in a one-off hub..larger bearings, lighter weight, uses stock parts durable,dependable serviceable, customizable.   It took months to get to a proto type , more months to produce a few sets for the road…years to test them on actual cars.  Meanwhile a second hub was underway for our 64-72 gm cars.  I can say today the trials and learning lessons are over we have found a local cnc turner who is producing these as I write.  While our intial run is small (50 pairs of each) it`s still quite the investment due to the per unit material and cnc costs.  Some of the benefits of these hubs are they are T6-6511 material light weight high strength, thick .800 decks, extended rotor pilot registers, use stock seals and dust caps, both employ larger outboard bearing.  Fitment for the 82-92 conversion and also the s-10/G body and as mentioned the 64-72 Gm short spindle conversions.   Look for these listings to pop up within days!

These are a limited run and we will gauge how well they move to determine the size/ possibility of future runs.   Use these hubs in a conversion you already swap or add it to a conversion your putting together for a new build.


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