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New products- I always try to have something fresh for each and every year, even if its just a new take on an old conversion. A double edged sword sometimes they are, while I get the excitement of having the latest or greatest to offer it also brings on more work which means more time! Well although there are a lot of new brakes out to work with some of them are just so not cost effective yet. The 16`-17` CTS-V brakes-(390mm/6 piston frts & 355mm 4 piston rears) they are not too far out of reach for a good conversion with the 4 calipers in the 1,800 range new and the two piece rotors around 400 each but by the time you fork out the cash for the calipers and rotors and 19 inch wheels and tires well,.. the cost of two alone combined out weight the cost of some of our beloved cars retail price. Alas those are not for the funding challenged crowd but there are a lot of “older” big brake parts that are coming down in price. Take for instance the camero ss calipers, yes, thats right camero…check Ebay for camero parts or even your local craig`s list, you would be amazed at what great deals are out there under those search terms! All kidding aside I have tracked some of the used caliper sets and I`m seeing them come down in price as the market begins to flood with these near 10 year old cars now. Find a good deal and make a huge brake kit on the cheap, while not the latest or greatest it is still one of the best upgrades you can do to your car, at least in my biased humble opinion 🙂

I digress, back to new products. way back in the day , oh 10 years ago or so I had a bracket for the S-10/G-Body spindle for the LS1 brakes, it was not very popular with the C5 and C6 offerings being so strong at the time, it seemed to most I would imagine, like”why bother?…when I can have bigger for about the same.”  So these things sat, they were stones, I mean I used them for the oddest things, shims to level those portable pools for the kids, heck I even cut a set up once to make some hinges for a ramp lol..none the less they were dead and no more were cut.   Recently I`ve had influx of inquires about a Brembo conversion bracket for this spindle. Okay this makes sense, they are coming back to the fore front (LS1 brakes and Brembo share the same bolt hole location) So my eyebrow is raised, so pulling my last rusty bracket out and trying a mock up showed there was no way this bracket would work with the newer multi piston Brembo calipers.   Amazingly after only 20-30 mins at my cad program I had a dxf to test. After cutting a sample I was amazed to find no changes were needed, it fit as it should and cleared everything we need to clear, cool!   So- the first victim is a Buick grand national getting 09+ CTS-V brakes front and rear. The bracket and mock spindle have been test fit with all of the popular brakes from GM/brembo. So there we have it, new product, new category, less time! I`ll update as these become available, thanks for reading!

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  1. Stock is low on these brackets at the moment but I do have one set for sure, the price depends on if you are just buying brackets and hubs or if you wanted a complete or partial assembly, email me for specifics, I`d be glad to help.

  2. What’s the price and availibility for the brembo upgrade for s10. I have a 2001 2wd blazer xtreme. Do the hubs in this kit stick out more than factory ones because that will be perfect for my project.

  3. I’m looking for C6 13.4″ conversion brackets and hubs on an ’87 Monte.
    Do you have the hubs that will work for the 12×1.5 metric stud g-body setup and clear the inside of the C5/C6 rotor? Can these GBody hubs also be cut to use the 1LE outer bearing?

  4. So are these brackets for the spindle hubbed 2wd Blazers 98+ or for the more traditonal based spindle in which the hub was part of the rotor? I have a 4 piston 05 ctsv calipers I am wanting to mount up

  5. New Brembo Conversion Brackets for the G-Body S-10 spindle are in, limited supply for the moment so email me for details.

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