6th Gen Camaro conversions

Today I recognized an oversight/mistake in these brakes, or at least the conversion information I`m offering.   My apologies for anyone who has ran across this.   The 16+ Camaro uses a deeper offset on the front brakes than I had measured either by error or negligence or using the wrong parts… its a a good 10MM difference, thus this conversion must use the the Z51 C7 rotors only which have the shallower 2.010 height versus the 2.400 of the Camaro.    Now here are some of the reasons I think this got by me:

The 16+ rear rotors have the same offset as the old gen V (2010-2015), and the same offset as the C7`s rears @ 1.890, so no change to the rears! why change the fronts?

Bosch brand is the rotor I used to mock this kit up in the beginning.  It has the 120mm pattern, 345mm dia/13.6 inch dia 65mm center hole which I expanded on the lathe to mock it up with and here is the best part- a 2.011 offset.. Yes it all lined up and this kit was set to jet. Bosch part # 25011428 Now I don`t see this being a fluke but I have to get another one of these to double check to prove my memory is correct.

Bosch rotor on the left/ GM on the right



Now here`s one reason that it should have never gotten by me.  A GM engineer told me there was a 10mm offset difference back in 15`  that my GenV/GenVI conversions were impossible with a flat bracket, well he had one thing right, I dismissed it since I had already mocked a 6th gen set up successfully.   Humbling.

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  1. Yes the Bosch rotor is verified again to have the shallow offset under the newer 16 + listing part # 25011428 So I`m not mistaken on that the first fit up was fine with the aftermarket “stock” rotor which is 2.010-2.011 while it should really be 2.400.

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