ARP studs, Tall spindle updates, 1LE bearing STD hub update

Okay, you know time is tight when I make a post with three different topic`s !
I`d like to thank all of my 2017 customers for a great year and I look forward to all the 2018 customers, lets have a great year everybody!
So, this is a post that should start with “Dear Customer, due to…” But thats a pass the buck lead in IMO. ARP wheel studs have gone thru the roof in price as of this January at some large performance parts re-sellers, Why? no idea. None of my sources know exactly the reason either but the fact is that a 5 pack of studs that normally retail for 14.99 have more than doubled at one retailer, while at another they have more than quadrupled! That`s right 72.99 for a 5 pack of 100-7704 at one four letter retailer (hint: starts with “J”) I find it hard to believe that this price increase is not a mistake but meanwhile I`m left with no options for customers who demand ARP wheel studs. Other options do exist and I will be exploring them with some of the offerings.
Once my limited stock of ARP studs run out I`ll be forced to bring some products up to current pricing, hopefully the studs will return to normal pricing by then. Products immediately effected are the Tall spindle hubs and the 1st gen Billet hubs. My supply of M12 2.5 inch ARP studs is healthy for all of the STD hub users. I took down the ARP add in option on the website since the prices are all over the place at the moment, just email for a fair qoute if you need arp`s!

Second up today is the tall spindle conversion. About a year old now give or take this conversion has become pretty popular, I suppose the word is getting around. Anyhow as many different combinations there are on tall spindles, I have had all of them sent in for conversions by now and I`ve learned a few things along the way. So what I would like to do is start offering these on the pre 79 spindles, as much as I would like to make sure everyone has a larger outboard bearing (set 3) sometimes its just not cost effective and thats what these type upgrades are really all about right? So you will notice soon a new tall spindle offering using the 70-78 spindle cores (set 2) outboard bearing.  As of current I can do the small bearing spindle and use a special bushing offered by capitol motorsports, this conversion bushing runs about 45.00 for the pair and should be welded to the spindle nut washer.     Next up ties in with the above rant about ARP studs, the Tall spindle conversion uses a screw in stud which nice and strong and long (3.3 inches) but again not cost effective now, the machining of the hub to take the thread in studs is a time burner for sure and adds $ to the conversion ultimately. I`ve begun looking for a press in stud that can take the place of the 3.3 inch ARP and chop some cost and time out of this conversion you might notice a press in option on this page soon.

Lastly today the 1LE bearing standard hub. This little option is popular, I mean whats not to like? bigger bearing same std hub, its a no brainer !   Thanks to all of you who purchase this one, it gives me hours of time to stand in front of my lathe sweating bullets trying not to over run the number (machinist will understand) Yes I`ve scrapped a few hubs out along the way but thats why practice makes perfect.   Another option I plan to offer along with the bearing upgrade is a packaged stud upgrade, yes yes I know what you`re thinking, here he goes about the arp thing again.. Actually I`m not but some guys have asked to get 1/2 fine studs in these and its not been an easy find (some corvette ARP studs actually handle the M12 to 1/2-20 conversion but at 62.00 for 5…they have not increased in price BTW)  sorry I went there again.    I`ve been playing around with some of those scrapped hubs and some select reamers to find a nice alternative to the $ 125.00 set of 10 ARP studs, look for a new listing soon !

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